Marsha’s Page

I’m a Jack of all Trades. Currently, looking for full time employment in Tennessee. Hoping to settle around the Knoxville area.

I love a challenge.

Hire Me!

The Husband

We are counting down the days until my husband’s retirement from the Air Force. I am getting excited. I am also getting a bit scared. My husband doesn’t talk about his feelings on the subject except that he is worried he hasn’t found a job in Tennessee yet. I want him to be happy. I am hoping his search for employment doesn’t last too long.

Our families are getting excited about us moving home. My parents are making plans. My husband’s mom is making plans.

I’m looking forward to moving into a house I know I never have to move out of again.

The Here And Now

So let’s go ahead and make sure this site is so much more than just Marsha’s awesome blog! Why don’t we educate ourselves a little too? How about some facts about the great state of Tennessee, and also let’s stay true to the site name and maybe find out a bit more about bears while we’re at it. They do say every day’s a school day……right?

Great Video About Tennessee

Thinking about a trip to Memphis maybe over the next few weeks, I came across this great video. Reeeally love the soundtrack, and does a nice job of showcasing some of the highlights of the city. Looking at the comments below this video on youtube, one guy says Memphis is the most boring place on earth! Well, I have to disagree with whoever wrote that, and if that is really your opinion then maybe you haven’t traveled too far….

She said tell me are you a Christian child and I said, ma’am I am tonight!

A REAL Bear Tribe

Now aren’t these just the cutest things? OK well obviously I wouldn’t want to get up real close and stroke one, but they sure are nice to look at from a safe distance. These were filmed in Gatlinburg, Tennessee which just proves there are real bear tribes here as well as my own…

I’ve, for your benefit, blotted out her eye! for some reason I completely killed that eye. In animals that’s like the easiest way to draw an eye IMO. I dunno what I did to this one so I blotted it out so it wouldn’t distract. Her ear also, used to not be up so high, I’ve just moved so many facial features downwards and her ear hasn’t followed because its attached to that hair and hat…so screw it.

Not my first attempt at a human, but one that I plan to show……a friend asked me to draw her character for her birthday which is on Sunday. I said I might if I don’t have homework, so it should still be a surprise. I’m not that well practiced in humans :< so just a portrait for now until I’m comfortable with myself. I hope it looks somewhat decent, I keep staring at it and I lose track of my mistakes.